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15 Jul 2019
Rachel Huang, a final year student of Global Business and Operations Management, remembers vividly how she was shocked and saddened to see people living in extreme poverty in a drought-hit village in India as she took part in volunteer work to tak
22 Mar 2019
As an active member of the HKUST Connect programs, Sandy Leung wants to make a difference to those in need
18 Oct 2018
University plays a pivotal role in a shaping one’s career. You can gain working experiences through internships, very often in positions in private sector, but have you ever imagine how things are done in the community service sector?
10 Apr 2018
This area of Cambodia has only had electricity for about 7 years. When HKUST Connect first visited Wat Opot Children’s Community in 2011 the challenges posed by the local electricity supply were immediately obvious.
27 Feb 2018
Service Learning Trips are intense experiences where we learn about a place, its culture and people through hands-on community-based service projects, also gained authentic cultural experiences which we can’t get from a traditional classroom.