Exploring a Career with a Purpose

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University plays a pivotal role in a shaping one’s career. You can gain working experiences through internships, very often in positions in private sector, but have you ever imagine how things are done in the community service sector?

Student Civic Fellowships facilitated by HKUST Connect are designed to give students opportunities for community service experience and personal development with work placement in NGOs or social responsibility projects. Our partners, serving as a co-educator, give guidance and feedback to students so to deepen their learning and enrich their work experience. Here are some of our civic fellows who have spent their summer term working in NGOs. Let’s check out their experiences.

Sharing from Civic Fellows


Civic fellow at the event of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

“During 2-month fellowship, I discovered about myself and the job nature of social workers. I improved my presentation skills through different practices ranging from school visiting talks, volunteer briefing, to the interactions with colleagues. I have developed my skills on digital marketing when I created and designed emails for promoting the activities in the next school year with the help of MailChimp. It was my pleasure working in their Financial Education Centre as my first working experience. It was memorable and unforgettable, I surely had a self-betterment through learning, serving and exploring.”


SBM, Year 1

@Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Home of people with hoarding disorder

"One of the most special service in the project was to support the people with 'Hoarding Disorder'(囤積症). To tidy up a hoarding flat with numerous insects, broken glasses, and strong odor was much more difficult, so we had to wear the protective gown before getting inside. Our shirts were soaked with sweat because of the heat and movement, but the experience of teaming up with the ex-homeless people was very impressive. Their passion in helping others might even be stronger than anyone, because they know the feeling of helplessness and despair when no one is willing to give a helping hand. I really admire their devotion in helping others as a return for the help they received."

Kason CHU

SSCI, Year 3

@The Salvation Army Healthy Action "Level-Up"- Outreaching Health Support Scheme for Deprived Communities with Hidden Health Needs

Pokfulam Village

"One of the most memorable incident was an attempted suicide case happened in Pokfulam Village. A villager who was seriously drunk due to family issues tried to commit suicide. My supervisor and I went there to have a conversation with him, and later noticed that he was depressed rather than angry as he was unable to find someone who really knows how he feels. This incident inspired me to treasure everyone who is kind to us as we will never know when they are going to leave us. In short, this fellowship provided me a chance to explore the unknowns inside the local community, as I have never expected."

Esmond SIT

SBM, Year 1

@Caritas Pokfulam Community Development Project