Community Service

[FULL] Light Up Lives 生命因你再現姿彩

Program Schedule
29 Apr 2024 (Mon) [FULL]/
30 Apr 2024 (Tue)
10am-12nn / 12-2pm / 2-4:30pm
Concourse outside LT-D

Laura Kwan (

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Volunteer help promote organ donation on campus

A single organ donor can save or improves the lives of up to 50 people. Help us raise the awareness of organ donation among the HKUST community and encourage more to register as new organ donors! The Department of Health is now recruiting volunteers for their promotional booth.

You can choose to support in any of these three different time slots:
Session 1 (10am - 12nn, set-up and promotions)
Session 2 (12 - 2pm, promotions)
Session 3 (2 - 4:30pm, promotions and clean-up).


時段 1 (10am - 12nn, 準備及宣傳)
時段 2 (12 - 2pm , 宣傳)
時段 3 (2 - 4:30pm, 宣傳及清理)



  1. [HMAW1905] This is a recognized event in the "Self-directed Experience" component of HMAW1905: Behavioral Foundations of University Education: Habits, Mindsets, and Wellness. To receive 2 or 2.5 hours, you must attend the event in full and miss no more than 10 mins. 
  2. Upon completion of the service, the actual service hours will be subjected to the confirmation of the partner association.