Talk / Seminar

No More Babies: Women's Ultimate Revolution

Program Schedule
29 Nov 2023 (Wed)
6 - 7pm
Rm 2405 (Lift 17-18)

Serene Liu (

UN Sustainable Development Goals

[This is a talk in Changemaker Gear Up Training Series (GUTS)]

What would happen if women go on a baby making strike? The idea of not having children seemed taboo, but the birth rate worldwide has fallen drastically over the past decade. Why and how has the trend come to this? 

In this talk, Nicole Yuen, the founder and CEO of the Women Workplace Index and the related Asia Women Web, will share her insights on the social factors that contribute to declining birth rates. She will also discuss how this phenomenon influences all of us in our society.

Join us to gain a deeper understanding about this social matter, and learn how to deal with this incredulous situation as a member of our social community.

About Women Workplace Index:

Women Workplace Index is the first and only certification regime dedicated to women workplace issues amongst listed companies and employers in Asia. Women Workplace Index also establishes the Asia Women Web which seeks to provide a leading women-focused career placement, advisory and mentoring platform in Asia.

Ms. Nicole Yuen

Nicole Yuen is now the founder and CEO of the Women Workplace Index and the related Asia Women Web. She is a seasoned investment banker and a successful lawyer with a distinguished career spanning over 4 decades. She is among few Asian women who have held leadership positions in global banking institutions and international law firms. She now sits on the boards of a US listed and UK listed company as independent non-executive director.


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