Training and Development Program

Stitch Together - Design Team Member Recruitment

Program Schedule
Nov 2023 - Apr 2024
Hong Kong

Laura KWAN (

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Upcycle antimicrobial fabrics into new gifts for sustainability

"Stitch Together" is a collaborative project between HKUST Connect and INNOTIER, dedicated to repurposing and upcycling used antimicrobial fabrics (Ionic+™ fibres). Our mission is to create a sustainable society by minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency. Join our design team to create useful gifts for the needy using the fabrics, and help us showcase the practicality of a sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong.

The Ionic+™ fibres woven onto the fabrics release silver ions (Ag+) and will act in several ways to inhibit and eliminate viruses and bacteria on the surface, protecting the fabrics from microbial impact. To support your creativity in transforming the materials, we will invite an INNOTIER representative to provide essential knowledge and characteristics about antimicrobial fabrics. We will also offer training and guidance on ideation and sewing techniques to assist you in turning your ideas into tangible prototypes.

The Stitch Together project will benefit society as we gift upcycled quality products to the community,  reduce landfill waste and minimize consumption of resources by saving used materials. By crafting the products, you can contribute not only to a more sustainable future but also to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle in the community. 

As a member of the Stitch Together Design Team, your responsibilities include: 

  • Designing and upcycling used antimicrobial fabrics, giving them a second life
  • Producing high-quality and useful products with care.
  • Promoting a sustainable lifestyle within the community.

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  • All UG students are welcome to join the Design team
  • Passionate about sustainable development
  • Interested in design and sewing
Project Timeline

5 Nov 2023

Application deadline

7 - 8 Nov 2023

(We just chitchat to know more about your background)

17 Nov (Fri) & 27 Nov (Mon)
6 - 8pm

Two scheduled meetings/workshops to start ideation and prototyping new items.

Dec 2023 - Apr 2024

Regular meetings to work together and finalize the end products! Meetings will be approximately 1-hour, once per week and subject to team members’ availability and project progress.

Mar - Apr 2024

Recruit volunteers for mass production.

Apr 2024

Distribution of final products to the wider community during Connect for Change - Global Service Day.